The Secret To Making America Great Again Part 1

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for people to have a civil debate when it comes to politics.  Even friends who can agree to disagree about most other things can have major blow-ups over whether or not it is OK to tax the rich.

What we need to understand as Americans is that we get nowhere unless we really start giving other viewpoints the same validity we give ours.  That is the secret to making America great again. There is too much vitriol and anger that comes out of people who are usually rather calm and civil.

You would never know that the vast majority of the country views itself as moderate or independent. You would instead think that everyone who voted for George Bush in the 2000′s only listens to Glenn Beck. Those who voted for Obama are apparently all socialists who are lazy and want their welfare checks.

The truth always lies somewhere in the middle. We can’t always get what we want. However, we can’t assume that not getting everything we want is going to lead us down a dangerous road as a nation.

Everyone needs to pay their fair share of taxes. Everyone needs to make sure they have access to a reliable healthcare system. Education is something that everyone has the right to. The problem is how we achieve those goals as opposed to whether those goals are what we should be striving for.

If we are being honest, we all understand that a healthy and educated population will have a brighter future as opposed to a sick and dumb population.

Personally, I think the key to making the education system better is by paying teachers more. Professionals who are paid a living wage are generally more content with their job. What we also need is more engagement from students and parents. Parents need to be held accountable for their children. They need to help the teachers out when it comes to making the student try harder.

We also need to stop with this notion that you have to go to college to have a successful career. Is the measure of success a person who has $50,000 in debt while making $10 an hour at Walmart? The secret to making America great again is allowing students to form their own path as they make their way into the world.

When put together into one package, it will result in a improved educational system that will benefit students and teachers. Students who have had a hand in their own future will have the confidence to start new businesses and create jobs.

However, this is but one idea for how the world should be run. I’m assuming that others will have their own views and reasoning for how they think things should be. I’ll get into my ideas for reforming healthcare in my next post. As for now, let’s start the conversation. Feel free to comment below, I look forward to your thoughts and counterpoints.

Welcome To The Unjustic League

First of all, I know this must sound like a Croatian soccer league or something. However, this is what you get when you let a random blog name generator come up with a name for you. Maybe the name will change in due time if I come up with something better. What this blog will be dedicated to is many different things. I am an avid follower of both politics and sports. I am also somewhat of an expert when it comes to finance and business. Expect to hear a lot of posts talking about how those things interact with each other.

Thanks for taking a first look and I hope to hear feedback that you may have. You can always just stop by to say hi.